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6 (+1) Months to a Novel

The planning, scheduling, and encouragement you need to complete a draft of your novel

I'm a fiction writer.  I've completed and published several short stories, but I've never finished a draft of a novel.  Not for lack of trying, but because I didn't know what I needed in order to get myself to do it.

What I realized I needed was two-fold:

Internal discipline


External accountability

So I developed this program to help me reach my goal of finishing a novel, and I'm inviting you to try it with me for the first time!

The program is primarily online-based (with regular in-person meetups and instruction if you're in the Denver area), structured over six months (plus one), and the cost is a donation of your choosing - whatever you can afford!

Program Structure:

Month 1 - Planning:

schedule and routine, concept and setting, character and POV, structure, plot, and theme

Month 2 - Beginning:

kick-off celebration, accountability groups, writing every day, overcoming writers block

Month 3 - Evaluating:

adapting your schedule, staying on pace, encouraging each other, writing every day

Month 4 - Struggling:

hangups and holdups, writing what happens, celebrating the halfway point, writing every day

Month 5 - Persevering:

following your characters, giving yourself grace, accepting the bad first draft, writing every day

Month 6 - Completing:

making up for lost time, unexpected endings, resetting if you didn't finish, writing every day

Month 6 (+1) - Continuing:

celebrating our accomplishments, putting it away, revising vs rewriting, what to do once it's polished

The first session begins June 1st!  Enroll here!

Still have questions?  Email me here!